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Comfort Controls

Keeping your home or office environment comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperatures can be challenging, especially if you have a limited budget for it. At Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling, we provide total comfort control services to help set up an efficient heating and cooling system that will keep your environment comfortable at a reasonable cost.

We have worked with many clients in Southern Jersey, serving areas like Turnersville, Glassboro, Washington Township, Williamstown, Sewell, and Clayton with great results. Our comfort control solutions are effective, straightforward, and at reasonable costs.

What is Comfort Control?

A property’s HVAC system is an interconnected grid of different components. If one component malfunctions, the entire system can become inefficient. You need to optimize all components to make sure everything is functioning well without causing the residents any discomfort. Residential comfort control systems focus on the objectives mentioned below:

  • Safety – This ensures the HVAC system doesn’t cause any harm to the residents and creates a safe environment. We make sure every component of the HVAC system is safe to use.

  • Health – An inefficient HVAC system can compromise indoor air quality, create pockets of mold and mildew, and let dust into the rooms. After comfort control, all of these problems can be addressed effectively.

  • Comfort – Poorly planned systems don’t control the temperature throughout the property effectively. It’s not uncommon for some areas to be too cold or some to be too hot. Through the comfort control plan, we focus on maximizing the comfort of every room.

  • Efficiency – HVAC systems consume a lot of resources and generate a recurring expense in the form of energy bills. Our team aims to reduce these energy costs as much as possible by optimizing the system.

This is a one-time investment that provides long-term benefits and comfort. Our trained experts will provide honest, straightforward advice, a detailed report, and a comprehensive quote with no hidden costs.

Comfort Control Planning

Many comfort control installation companies will just recommend replacing the air conditioner or furnace for better indoor comfort, but this solution doesn’t always work. We’re much more thorough during our comfort control consultation process. Here’s a look at what you get:

  • A thorough inspection of your existing system.
  • Inspection of your property.
  • Inspection of ducting systems, air handlers, and blowers with the system to determine the quality of air circulation.
  • Heat gain or heat loss calculation on the entire property.
  • Examining every temperature of every room.
  • Checking fixtures, windows, doors, etc., for air leakage.
  • Checking attic insulation for its R-value and levels.
  • Analyzing insulation defects.
  • Checking of carbon monoxide leaking within the home.

This thorough inspection allows us to recommend the best products for the size, design, and requirement of your property. We also balance the ducting and air circulation systems to ensure your property is heated or cooled evenly.

If you want to know more about our comfort control services or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling. You can call us at 856-885-2231 or use our contact us form.

Thermostat Installations

Call us if your thermostat isn't working properly, or if you just want to upgrade to the latest, programmable unit. Our technicians are able to offer the latest, high-end thermostats!

We install brands such as:

  • Honeywell
  • comfort net
  • Nest
  • other Amana recommended products