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Air Conditioning Project
National Park, NJ

Date: 3/27/20
Location: National Park, NJ
Customer: Ms. Barbato

Our team installed a complete heating, air conditioning system for Ms. Barbato. Her current system is located in the basement and was only a 70% efficient furnace and an 8 seer AC system. Upon arrival our service technician noted several system issues and brought them to the homeowners attention.

Several challenges were addressed with her installation. Not only was the existing air conditioning system very inefficient, the return in the home was dismantled by the previous owner, causing the system to draw in only basement air instead of pulling air from the first floor living space, which created some comfort issues and introduced a lot of dust into the system, and the living space.

After discussing several options, Ms Barbato’s decided on an energy efficient 80% furnace and 13 seer air conditioning system. Our installation crew installed her new system in one day, bringing it up to local Twp. codes which included a new flue pipe from her existing water heater, and installation of an outdoor electrical disconnect box for the AC system. We completely rebuilt the return air ductwork, and installed an in floor return register for system efficiency and customer comfort.

Ms. Barbato’s is very pleased with her installation. Even though her energy costs were manageable, she increased her furnace efficiency by over 10% and her air conditioning system efficiency was increased by approximately 30% switching from an 8 seer unit to a 13 seer energy efficient model. If you have an emergency HVAC Repair or would like a quote on a new heating or cooling system, call Professor Gatsby's Heating & Cooling at 856-885-2231.

Check out the completed job pictures below!

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