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Heating & Cooling Project
Turnersville, NJ

Date: 3/20/20
Location: Turnersville , NJ
Customer: Mr and Mrs Heaney

Our team installed a complete heating and air conditioning system, with a whole home humidifier for Mr and Mrs Heaney. Their existing heating and cooling system was out dated, inefficient, and the old humidifier hadn’t worked in years, which caused higher energy costs each month and very uncomfortable temperatures inside the home.

Mr and Mrs Heaney requested a high efficiency system and a new easy to use thermostat. Their system is located in the basement. The current system was a standard efficient 80% furnace, a 10 seer air conditioning system, and a humidifier which was not working.

Mr and Mrs Heaney chose a 96% efficient furnace, 13 seer air conditioning system and a water saving whole home humidifier. We upgraded the current duct trunk to provide more air flow with less restriction, which allows the system to work more effectively. This system provided 16% higher efficient furnace and 33% higher efficient air conditioning over their previous system. They discussed the humidifier and chose to replace it with a new one because of dry air, and that it provides more comfortable heating during the winter months.

They are highly pleased with the heating and air conditioning system upgrade, quality of the installation, and look forward to the future comfort and savings that this investment will provide. If you have an emergency HVAC Repair or would like a quote on a new heating or cooling system, call Professor Gatsby's Heating & Cooling at 856-885-2231.

Check out the completed job pictures below!

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