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Air Conditioning Project Williamstown, NJ

Date: 4/09/20
Location: Williamstown, NJ
Customer: Mr and Mrs Nodolski

Our installation team installed a complete heating and air conditioning system for Mr and Mrs Nodolski in Williamstown. Their current heating and air conditioning system was out dated and the air conditioning system was no longer working.

Several challenges were addressed including air flow issues for the upper floor, and this system was unique in that it used two air filters in the system due to the installation methods of the previous contractor when they installed the unit many years ago.

The install crew was able to completely rebuild the return air duct trunk from the upper and lower floors to eliminate the need for two air filters, and to increase the air flow on the upper floors. In doing so we were able to install an easy access filter cabinet with a high efficient Merv 11 air filter. We also installed a larger 4” water heater flue, and an outdoor electrical disconnect box for the AC unit bring the system installation back up to current TWP code.

Mr and Mrs Nodolski requested a high efficiency system. They chose a 96% efficient furnace and a 16 seer air conditioner. They were happy with the new return trunk and air filter system utilizing just one air filter instead of two which helped with the air flow on the upper floor. They were happy to get the AC system installed in time for the hot summer months ahead. If you have an emergency HVAC Repair or would like a quote on a new heating or cooling system, call Professor Gatsby's Heating & Cooling at 856-885-2231.

Check out the completed job pictures below!

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