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Imagine you are in the middle of a harsh Jersey winter and your HVAC system stops working. There are only so many hours you can spend at your local café or on a friend's couch. You need a reliable HVAC service company like Professor Gatsby's Heating and Cooling to help you out in such a situation. We offer emergency repair services in locations like Clementon, NJ, and the surrounding regions. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient HVAC company, then we are a good choice!

Emergency HVAC Services

Not all HVAC problems are treated as emergencies. Most companies are willing to provide an appointment at the earliest possible time, but they will not send a technician your way immediately. Emergency HVAC repair service providers usually have a team on standby for urgent repairs.

These service providers will listen to your concern carefully and determine if the issue is considered an emergency. They will then assign a technician to the job and forward all the information to them. This service is available 24/7 and on all days of the year. You can call the emergency line of your unit stops working on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening.

Signs That You Need HVAC Emergency Repairs

What really warrants an emergency repair service? Different contractors have different standards, but experts recommend that you look out for the signs mentioned below:

  • Inconsistency – If the heating or cooling is inconsistent, the unit isn't functioning well. Check your thermostat and look for any hot or cold spots in your room to determine if the heating is inconsistent before calling a professional.
  • Opposite Action – HVAC units are designed to cool and warm up a room as desired. If the system starts circulating warm air instead of cool air during summer or cool air instead of warm air during winter, you have cause for concern.
  • Sounds – Most modern units have a quiet operation. You might hear a low hum of the appliance working in the background, but there should be no alarming bangs and clangs. If you hear unusual noises, stop the unit immediately and call a professional.
  • Bad Odor – The air circulated by the HVAC unit should always smell clean. If you notice any sort of odors or smells from the system, stop using it and call a professional immediately. The poor odor might be coming from chemical leaks or burnt wires inside the unit. This can be a fire hazard.

You can also call the emergency HVAC repair company if your air conditioning unit has stopped functioning completely. They will thoroughly examine the appliance and recommend repairs or replacement. Emergency services always include repairs or temporary fixes.

For example, if your system can't be repaired, the technician will get it working temporarily until it can be repaired or replaced. You can schedule another appointment with them at a convenient time to complete the repair. Reliable companies like Professor Gatsby's Heating and Cooling provide professional emergency HVAC repair services. We will have your system up and running quickly. Simply give us a call on 856-885-2231 today and we will send out one of our professional HVAC experts to assess the needs of your system.